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Our service is to provide an safe and enthusiastic training experience in Martial Arts. Please fill in the contact form for news and activities. We are extensively promoting by personally contacting You. Have You received an flyer from us feel free to ask any questions in our contact form.

Onze service is het bieden van een veilige en enthousiaste trainingservaring in vechtsporten. Voor nieuws en activiteiten kunt u het contactformulier invullen. Wij maken uitgebreid reclame door persoonlijk contact met u op te nemen. Heeft u een flyer van ons ontvangen, stel gerust uw vragen via ons contactformulier.

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Bak Mei (Chinese: 白眉; pinyin: Bái Méi; Wade–Giles: Pai Mei; Cantonese Yale: Baahk Mèih; lit. ‘White Eyebrow’) is said to have been one of the legendary Five Elders—survivors of the destruction of the Shaolin Monastery by the Qing dynasty (1644–1912)—who, according to some accounts, betrayed Shaolin to the imperial government. He shares his name with the South Chinese martial art attributed to him.